Tuesday, August 17, 2010

how the other half lives

A victory is a victory, no matter how small.  I like to shop at a certain store that has the plus size clothes on one side of the store and the non plus size clothes on the other side.  Previously I found myself on the plus size side but today I fdiscovered out how the other half lives.

When I entered the store I hesitated. Which way do I go? Should I start on the plus side and see how that goes or do I go to the other side and feel embarassed if I can't find anything that fits? I drew in a deep breath and headed straight to the "regular" sizes.

I could always see the other side where the "regular" size clothes hung but I felt that if I looked too long over that way people would snicker at my foolishness.  They would think I was crazy for thinking I could fit into any of those items and they would probably wonder if I was shopping for someone else.  Funny thing is, I have had the same thoughts when I see someone like me shopping outside of the plus section. 

In the dressing room I started to doubt my decision but when I slid on the first pair of pants I knew it was going to be fine.  Everything I took in not only fit but it looked great.  Leaving the store I had 3 pairs of pants and 3 tops that I can wear to work this week that won't look like a sack hanging on me. 

Now I have crossed over to the other side and I am not looking back!


  1. Emily that is terrific. Be proud of the woman you are. Confident and classy as always. I am very proud to call you my friend.

  2. I loved reading all of your entries!! Very inspiring, and I am proud of you. Good luck!

  3. I have always thought you are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story!