Monday, August 16, 2010

eyes of a killer

Have you ever known that you were looking into the eyes of a killer?  I have.  Each morning when I look into the mirror I lock eyes with a killer.  My choices have been killing me and I am my own victim.

This statement may sound dramatic to you but to me it was a shocking realization.  The truth is that I have been slowly killing myself for years.  My eating habits and lack of exercise are part of the problem.  I now know that my attitude toward myself has as much to do with my state of health as much as anything else.  My way of thinking has always been that if you did for yourself before others that you were doing something wrong.  It was that attitude that gave me the perfect excuse not to cook the way I like or take time to be active. 

Lately when I look in that mirror I am starting to see the "real" me.  I see a woman that feels more self worth and wants to get healthy so she can see her kids grow up.  I see a woman that does not want to miss out on the fun because she felt fat or slow or ashamed.  I see a woman that is developing her build into something people may one day refer to as "athletic".  I see a woman that wants to be a healthy example for her children.  But most of all I see a woman that loves herself as much as she loves those around her and is not afraid to put herself first sometimes.

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